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In the Ch√Ęteau: A Frances Yates Mystery (Dorrance Publishing Co., 2022) When renowned British historian Dame Frances Yates is invited to deliver a talk regarding the Hermetic Tradition at a conference of women religious at the historic Ursuline convent in Quebec, she uncovers a ring of plagiarists thriving in local institutions of higher learning. Once again, during her visit, Dame Frances finds time to savor culinary delights and admire historic sites, exemplifying the complex history of Canada.

In The Meeting: A Frances Yates Mystery (Dorrance Publishing Co., 2021) Invited to speak at the esteemed Athenaeum in Philadelphia, renowned British scholar Dame Frances Yates intends to explore the shared spiritual ideals of the Hermetic and Quaker Traditions. Along the way, while savoring the attractions and fine cuisine of historic Philadelphia, she encounters murder In the Meeting and uncovers a ring of thieves plundering books and treasures from libraries and houses of worship throughout the city.

In the Convent: A Frances Yates Mystery (Dorrance Publishing Co., 2020) In a sequel to In the Cards, British scholar Frances Yates visits Mexico and the convent of 17th century mystic and feminist Sor Juana del la Cruz. While there she solves a murder, ascends an ancient pyramid and considers correlations between Latin American and European spiritual traditions.

In the Cards (Ibis Press, October 2018) is a novel of murder, theft and Tarot and the exemplary detective work of a renowned British scholar.

The Life and Times of Mary Vaux Walcott  (Schiffer Press 2015) Spanning two centuries, The Life and Times of Mary Vaux Walcott tells the story of a remarkable Philadelphia Quaker (1860-1940), whose life as an avid explorer, glaciologist, early photographer, Indian commissioner and renowned illustrator of North American wildflowers illuminates the worldview of intrepid women of her era.

Frances Yates and the Hermetic Tradition (Ibis Press 2008) has been translated into Italian and Japanese.
This first full-length biography of renowned British historian Frances Yates (1899-1980), champion of martyred priest Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition, traces her unconventional education and worldview, unique spiritual insights, and long association with the Warburg Institute in London.

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