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New Release from Ibis Press* focuses on influential historian
Frances Yates
, one of the extraordinary women scholars of the
twentieth century.

Frances Yates Book Cover
(LAKE WORTH, FL., May 1st 2008) Mercy College Professor and Historian Marjorie
Jones has written a fascinating biography on the life of the ground-breaking
Renaissance scholar and historian Frances Yates. This is the first full-length
biography of the British historian and intellectual, who penned such acclaimed
works as Giordano Bruno and The Hermetic Tradition as well as The Art of Memory,
which was one of the most influential nonfiction books of the twentieth century.

Set against the backdrop of one of the most crucial and stimulating periods of
modern culture, Jones explores Yates extraordinary life and career as a Warburg
Institute scholar. Excerpts from Yates’ diary and writings illuminate the rarified atmosphere of the intellectual
climate of her time. Through these documented relationships with her peers, we are also invited into the life of
other researchers and women scholars and writers.

Natalie Zemon Davis, Professor Emerita at Princeton University writes, “Marjorie Jones reveals the life, family,
struggles, and intellectual passion of one of the great scholars of Renaissance Europe. Frances Yates and the
Hermetic Tradition is a gift not only for those who have enjoyed Yates' books, but also for anyone curious
about what it means to be a pioneering woman scholar in the twentieth century.”

Jones has done a remarkable job portraying Yates, one of the most influential scholars of her time. Margaret C.
Jacob, Distinguished Professor of History at UCLA states “Dame Frances Yates has finally found her
biographer.” Jacob also notes that this biography is unique in the sense that Jones’ has allowed the reader rare
access to Yates’ personal papers, creating an intimate portrait of a real flesh and blood woman living in a time
of tragedy and hope. She declares Frances Yates and the Hermetic Tradition “A triumph!”

For those of us living in today’s culture of mass media and fast-food, the modern “cookie-cutter” academic
environment and corporate drudgery, Frances Yates’ unconventional intellect and ability to “think outside the
box” serve as a reminder to question and explore each option presented to us and to follow our truth,
regardless of the pre-conception and expectations of society. Her revolutionary way of viewing history,
literature, art, and the theater as integral parts of the cultural picture of the time period did much to shape
modern interdisciplinary approaches to history and literary criticism.

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